Pupils compete for the Primary Cup title

Over 400 primary pupils from across the David Ross Education Trust (DRET) competed in a number of sporting events in the hope of becoming winners of this year's Foundation Primary Cup.

In two separate tournaments, one for northern and one for southern primaries, the children competed in football and netball matches to try and win the prestigious cup for their academy.

Football freestyler, Billy Fincham, attended both tournaments and impressed crowds during the opening ceremonies.

Alex Green, Sports Enrichment Coordinator for the Trust, said: “It has been fantastic to see over twenty of our primary academies take part in this event. Seeing the children cheering each other on and getting behind their academies was great to see.”

Both competitions were extremely close but it was Cedar Road Primary School who came top in the south and Hull’s Wold Academy who won the tournament in the north. Medals and T-shirts were also given out to every pupil that competed.

Sean and Marshall, pupils from Cedar Road Academy, said: “We really enjoyed the day and are over the moon at winning because we all worked so hard.”

Mina, a pupil at Wold Academy, said: “It was fun and exciting to play against other academies. We were all supporting each other and applauding everyone, I was really shocked but excited that we won.”

Competitions like this support the Trust’s vision that sport and enrichment are an important part of learning.

Alex Green added: “Sport not only encourages teamwork, but teaches children about winning and losing, commitment and making lasting friendships. That is why events like this are so important. Congratulations to our winners, everyone who took part should feel extremely proud.”

Thanks to Malcolm Arnold Academy in Northampton and Grimsby’s Havelock Academy for hosting these fantastic events. 

The winning Cedar Road team

The winning Wold Academy team