Remembrance Day is observed across DRET

Pupils, students and staff from across the David Ross Education Trust have been commemorating Remembrance Day by wearing poppies, attending church services and holding special assemblies this week.

Marking the bravery of our armed forces, students have also been putting their thoughts into poetry, while learning more about why Remembrance is such an important part of British life, our culture and heritage.

Simon Northcott, Director of Enrichment for the David Ross Education Trust, commented: “Millions of men and women sacrificed their lives for our country and our students have shown, through poetry and observation, how respectful and grateful they are.

 “Through our poetry competition, our students have put great thought into how their words can honour the memory of every single soldier. We have received so many moving entries and I know that every one of them have taken the time to reflect and learn more about the significance of Remembrance for every one of us."


Maryam, a pupil from Cedar Road Primary School won the Key Stage 1 category:


Red Poppies

Every year









Riccardo, a pupil from The Arbours Primary Academy won the Key Stage 2 category:


Fields of poppies, fields of crimson,

Loved ones missing,

Loved ones missing.

Sorrow breaks when a soldier dies,

Children cry when a missile flies.

Broken hearts, broken forever,

Unknown soldier we will remember.

Fight with pride,

Fall with honour,

Remember the ones gone forever.

Gone but never forgotten,

We will remember.


Paige, a student at Havelock Academy won the Key Stage 3 category:

Silent Soldiers

Darkness covers silent soldiers,

As we lie together on the broken floor.

Some may think that we are sleeping,

But we have opened Heaven’s door.


We know the misery of a soaking trench,

The freezing cold,

And a rotting stench.

But for that, we will never grow old,

Or feel pain ever again.


Our names engraved

In the book of sorrows,

The book of murder,

The book of death.


On the field where the poppies grow,

Is where we took our final breath.


For the others who passed away,

The war is won, a victory!

You have made a better day,

So they thank both you and me.


Sarah, a student at Lodge Park Academy won the Key Stage 4 category:


“In Flanders Fields the poppies blow” –

A splatter of crimson amongst the snow.

That fell on the fallen, a ghostly shroud,

Encasing the bodies with a whisper of sound.


A moment of silence but a lifetime of mourning,

For every soul that would never see morning.

Eleven – eleven a.m.:

This day, “We shall remember them.”