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The following page provides an overview of the broad and interesting curriculum which is in operation at Ingoldsby Academy.

Since our ‘Good’ OFSTED in September we have relentlessly sought to reflect and refine on our curriculum alongside the best of our teachers across the 19 primary schools in the trust.  At Ingoldsby Academy you will find staff who are constantly sharing good practice and seeking to be the best that they can be and that is the attitude we foster in our children.

Our Curriculum

We are lucky to be able to teach Maths, Reading and Writing in small groups taught by enthusiastic and capable practitioners. 

 In Maths, we take a Mastery Approach where fluency and confidence are valued.

In Reading, we teach Read Write Inc.  We have access to school development days where staff refine and perfect their teaching of phonics.  Our Year 1 phonics results speak for themselves; 100% of children have secured a good phonics level for 3 years in a row! Following on from Read Write Inc, we teach ‘Active Reading’ which enables children to become lifelong readers who read with understanding.

Our staff have been trained in ‘Talk for Writing’ and are buzzing to really take this approach to writing to the limits! We understand that becoming story tellers and building vocabulary is key to becoming a great writer.

 In the afternoons we teach a knowledge based curriculum that has been developed through the Trust with the West London Free School. Having trialled the curriculum in Key Stage One this year we are excited to roll out the programme across the school.


We are lucky to have an excellent PE programme developed by our own specialists within the trust.  Expert coaches visit the school to inspire children to aim high and follow their dreams.  Recently, Sue Smith, an England women’s footballer visited.  Our very own sports mad PE lead, Mrs Bland, is still buzzing!  Key stage 2 children have the opportunity to attend the DRET summer cup; the UK’s biggest sports day.  We offer a range of free sports clubs after school.

 We are a dancing school.  In January 2018 we committed to every class working with a dance coach, every week.  Children work on sequencing, expression, self-confidence and movement.  We join the DRET Dance Festival at Corby to celebrate the children’s work in summer.

We are so proud of our Choirs!  We have committed to every child, singing every day.  We work in partnership with the Voices Foundation to provide high quality music provision throughout the school.

Check out our Badger Class choir here:



There are 3 Prime areas:

-Communication and Language

-Personal, Social and Emotional Development

-Physical Development

-There are also 4 Specific areas:



-Understanding the World

-Expressive Arts and Design

For further information about the curriculum followed at Ingoldsby Academy please contact us. 

David Ross Education Trust and British Values:

The Trust is very supportive of the ethos of promoting British Values, and preparing our pupils for success in a modern Britain. A heavy reliance is placed upon broadening horizons for each and every child and this includes developing the core skills of tolerance, respect, teamwork, resilience and building self-esteem. These are all values and qualities that we feel are relevant in order to play a full and meaningful role in society, and are promoted via our extensive house system that lends itself to cultural and sporting competition, democratic principles, social mixing, the development of greater pastoral care and enhanced PSHE.

For more information about British Values at this academy, please download the document on the left.